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We firmly believe that the upbringing of a child is a collective endeavor. With a dedicated and strong support network, every child can thrive, lead a healthy life, and contribute positively to society.

In today's world, it's a common desire for every child to receive their education in a well-equipped school. However, the reality is that many parents find it financially challenging to enroll their children in private schools. Recognizing this issue, the esteemed industrialist and social activist, Protap Saikia, established the Jyoti Protap Education Trust. This visionary initiative led to the establishment of Jyoti Protap Gyanmarg Bidyalay, a completely tuition-free school, on April 1, 2021.

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Skilled Instructors

A skilled instructor of a school is like a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, illuminating the path of their students towards success with expertise and unwavering dedication.

Digital classes

Digital classes in a school offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience, harnessing technology to engage students in interactive lessons and foster 21st-century skills.

Music teacher

A music teacher in a school is the maestro who not only imparts the gift of melody but also fosters creativity, teamwork, and discipline through the harmonious language of music.

Book Library

A school library is a sanctuary of knowledge, where students            embark on adventures through the pages of books, exploring worlds and ideas beyond their    classrooms.


"At [Jyoti Protap Gyanmarg Bidyalay], we are committed to breaking down barriers to education by providing high-quality, free education to all. Our mission is to empower every student, regardless of their financial circumstances, to reach their full potential academically, socially, and personally. We believe that education is a fundamental right, not a privilege, and we are dedicated to nurturing a diverse and inclusive learning community where all students thrive. Through innovative teaching, community engagement, and unwavering support, we aim to create lifelong learners who contribute positively to society."


"[ Jyoti Protap Gyanmarg Bidyalay] envisions a world where education is truly inclusive and accessible to all. We aspire to be a beacon of hope and opportunity, where every child has the chance to dream, learn, and succeed. Our vision is to foster a learning environment that celebrates diversity, fosters creativity, and inspires excellence. We see a future where our students, armed with knowledge, compassion, and a sense of purpose, go on to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. Our commitment to free education is our commitment to a brighter, more equitable future for all."



Dear Students and Parents, It is always a pleasure to share our joys, our achievements, our successes, our thoughts with you. Looking at the positive planning the school has taken and the milestones achieved thereof, fills my heart with pride and elation of a gardener whose seeds have sprouted and beaming petals have unveiled. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney The world around us is constantly changing and we are aware that there are many

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I am deeply honoured to serve as the Coordinator of Jyoti Protap Gyanmarg Bidyalay. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Jyoti Protap Education Trust for their unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education that empowers our students to become lifelong learners and valuable contributors to society. At our school, education is not just about filling a child's mind with information. We believe in tailoring our educational approach to meet the unique needs of each student, nurturing their individuality.

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Special Visitors

Jadav Payeng
"The Forest Man of India,"
Pulak Mahanta, ACS
"District Commissioner, Jorhat, Assam"
Dr. Sabyasachi Mahanta
Dr. Abani Kumar Bhagabati
"Retd. HOD of Geography Department, Guwahati University"
Mohan Lal Meena, IPS
"SP, Jorhat"
Rituraj Phukan
"An environmental activist and writer"
Diganta Biswa Sarma
"Professor of practice
Dibrugarh University"
Jatin Bora
"Renowned Assamese Actor"
Nishita Goswami
"Renowned Assamese Actress"
Rupjyoti Kurmi
"MLA Moriani"
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Team Members

Protap Saikia
"Director, Secretary and Controller of the Trust (CEO)" "Land and Building Donor"


Protap Saikia-A person who sacrifice his dream to fulfill the dream of small Poor students.
“Free Education to the students from a economically backward Family in a Fully Equipped Private School.”
A person from Kaliapani, Teok, Dist Jorhat, Assam-785112, named Protap Saikia Son of Late Lakheswar Saikia and Late Swarna Saikia born and brought up in a very poor family. Due to the economic position of the family Mr Protap Saikia start a small store. Gradually due to his dedication and hard work his business grows day by day and presently he is successful industrialist of the Area.
Because of his economic condition Mr Saikia was unable to complete his higher studies. He took a decision to form a Trust named “Jyoti Protap Education Trust”. Through this trust he started a completely Free School named Jyoti Protap Gyanmarg Bidyalay at Kaliapani. No admission Fees, No monthly Fees and no other fees. Protap Saikia provide Uniforms, Books and Copies, Pen, Pencils, notebook, School Bags, Shoes, Shocks and all the required things for to the Students. He also paid the Salary of the Staff, Electricity Bill and all other expenses of the School. In this School the students are teaches Yoga, Music, Satriya Dance and Dhul & Khul etc also freely. For those also all the expences paid by Protap Saikia.
Every child wants to learn in fully equipped school. But maximum Guardian is not capable to take his child to a private school. To solve this situation Protap Saikia started the completely free School Jyoti Protap Gyanmarg Bidyalay is established on 1st April 2021 with 122 students. Protap Saikia provide Uniforms, Books and Copies, and all the required things for to the Students. He also paid the Salary of the Staff, Electricity Bill and all other expenses of the School. In this School the students are teaches Yoga, Music, Satriya Dance and Music etc also freely. For those also all the expences paid by Protap Saikia.
Not only the School, Mr Protap Saikia planned and execute some more things for the rural and needy Society.
1. A fully equipped Smasan.
2. A traditional place for worship, NaamGhar.
3. Publishes Book of the renowned personality of the locality.
His future plan is to build an Orphanage and a old age home.
Kaliapani is a very backward places of Jorhat District Assam. Proper Education is the main backbone of the society. Specially in early stages of life. Everyone wants to learn in a fully equipped modern private school. Due to economic condition it is not possible for a poor family. But it is possible in Kaliapani Area due to Protap Saikia and it is the main impact. All the poor family has the option to send his child to a modern private school with all classroom digital.

Dr. Bharat Borah
(Retd. Prof.)
"Chief Advisor"
Rohit Borah
"President cum
Rajib Neog
Biju Kr. Sarmah

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